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Vibrant & Colorful Fruit Wedding Inspiration

You may know that in addition to my interior design business, I also am the co-founder of The Bloom Workshop. We travel the country equipping women in creative industries! I wanted to let you know about an upcoming workshop in Michigan + show you last year's workshop that was just like it. Hopefully you find some styling, color, and event inspiration!

 We are currently gearing up for our September workshop, The Styled Wedding Shoot workshop. We thought since this is coming up quick, we'd show you our styled shoots from LAST year's styled shoot workshop. Styled inspiration photo shoots are a wonderful tool to use to hone your photography and design skills, as well as creating something beautiful to add to your portfolio, in order to attract your ideal client. If you want to spend a day focused on honing your photography and styling skills, this workshop is for you! We have special teaching sessions on how to create and execute a styled shoot, photography tips, shot list guides, how to get published + what editors look for in publications, plus a few breakout sessions on client experience, flat lay styling and a portfolio review. We set aside an hour and a half for our styled shoot portion of the workshop, which will feature 3 separate styled vignettes, each with their own models, paper goods, tablescapes, and other beautiful details like blooms, rings, and gorgeous gowns!

Check out the details on Bloom's website, but first...feast your eyes on this beautiful vignette from last year's workshop at The Felt Mansion. I still can't get over the gorgeous florals, vibrant colors and insane dessert bar.

Photography: Ashley Slater Photography, Florals: BLOOM Floral Design, Invitation Suite: Sable & Gray, Furniture Vignette: The Found Cottage with arches by Feather & Birch, Bar: West Michigan Rental Company, Venue: Felt Mansion, Ribbon for styling: Adorn Company, Ring Box: The Mrs. Box, Bridal Ring: Susie Saltzman, Bridal Gown and Jewelry: Spring Sweet, Cakes & Desserts: Holland Cakery

We always love collaborating with such talented artists for our shoots. Creating beauty together is one of our biggest joys and reasons we love The Bloom Workshop. This colorful vignette will hopefully give you, as a bride, courage to go in a more colorful direction if that's what you love. The results are always stunning! As a photographer or event planner, or even interior designer, we hope you can see our styled shoots and gather inspiration to create your very own! If you don't know how to do that, we'd love to meet you at The Styled Wedding Shoot where we'll teach you everything you need to know.

Have a wonderful day!

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Client Reveal: Neutral & Bright Living Room

I'm so very excited to finally show you a client living room reveal. I've been waiting to share this home reveal with you until I got my new website and blog design up. We finished this project last year, so it's been a long time coming to show you the final design! I shared peeks throughout the process on the blog, so if you've been following along, you might remember we completely gutted the main floor of this family home. We redid the living room, kitchen, dining, sunroom and mudroom & laundry room. I'll be showing them all over the next few weeks, but first up is the living room!

And now a walk down memory lane, because everyone loves a good before and after. I always think of the old proactive commercials when I see before and after photos. The before pictures have bad lighting, the people aren't smiling and of course, they have blemishes. Same with the interior photos! The before makes the after look even better. Take a peek...

No curtains, a medium/dark wall color, oak trim, oak mantle, older furniture, and carpet...

Now for the after! Lighter paint color (revere pewter), fresh white trim, curtains, white mantle, new furniture, gorgeous hardwood with a plush rug on top and so much more...

How cute is my sweet client + her pup, Burton?! :)

Just for some perspective, below is a BEFORE of this long wall with a small opening that leads to the entry of the house. The opening was just so small and didn't create that more grand entrance into the home that we were going for.

This is that same wall AFTER the reno, and as you can see, the homeowner had the idea of opening up that wall to reveal the staircase and I couldn't have agreed more with this choice. She chose some beautiful spindles, so these changes made the front door entry way a real statement. The curtains frame both of the windows and offer SO much height to the living room. Can you tell how much higher the ceilings look now with the addition of the curtains? We hung them much higher than right above the window, which makes such a difference! Anytime you can do this, do it!

Ashley Slater Photography
A few sources: pair of chairs / main light fixture / gray bar with marble top: vintage find from Reimagined Just for You / white curtains

Isn't the transformation beautiful?! I just love how it came out, but love even more how happy my clients are with it. One of the reasons I loved working with this homeowner so much is because she already has such a keen eye for design. She knows what she likes and has incredible style and ideas, so working with her to bring the space together was extra fun. It's always a joy when a space is a collaborative effort between me + the client.

Hope you enjoyed this client tour!
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August Goals

Happy Tuesday! We're still in California, so things have been a little quieter around the blog. I just can't believe how quickly this year is flying by. It's August already! A big month for my immediate family, as my parents' 30th wedding anniversary is today + it's my younger brother's 24th birthday! Quite the anniversary present ;)

Since we're in a new month (a week in, at that!) I'm sharing my monthly goals below, but first a look back at last month...

- Well, we got a sweet puppy, so my goal is to take him to Puppy 101 class and get him trained really well. He already knows come, sit and down! We went to his first class and it was hilarious. All the puppies were so distracted by other dogs + grass (Lincoln's favorite thing ever!) Hopefully he gets better in coming weeks!

- Enjoy Bloom Bash Chicago workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm SO excited for this workshop! This workshop went off without a hitch! So much fun!

- Go to the local crepe place with my husband for a Saturday morning date.  The best crepes I've ever had!! Can't wait to go back. 

- Also enjoy appetizers at the wine bar down town. We didn't do this yet, but we want to do it this month with some new neighbors of ours! 

- Have some friends over to swim and hang out by the pool during these warm evenings.  Did this once, but want to do it more! Gotta soak up summer.

- Go on a walk every evening with my hubby and our pup, Lincoln! (unless it's storming, of course!) Did it! So good for the soul and the legs ;)

- Go to the beach We went a few times and each was glorious. I was made for summer!

- Take family pictures with Lincoln! Did this last night! Sneak peek on Instagram.

- Hopefully book our tickets to California for August! Yes, the pup is coming too :) We're still in CA on our trip and we're SO glad we did this! Traveling with the puppy was a breeze. We had the best time introducing Link to my family.

- Get a few married couples together from our church and start a weekly bible study. Really looking forward to this! This is going to start in September...can't wait.

- Launch my new blog design-- hooray! It's coming along so well...can't wait to share it + some super fun giveaways! As you can see, this is done! I hope you love it as much as I do!

- This may seem silly, but I want to focus on not checking my instagram stats in July. Comparison is the worst, so I want to focus on being authentic and genuine instead of focusing on what others are doing. I'm really proud of myself in this area! I didn't check my stats all month and don't plan to in the coming months either. It's amazing what this does for your heart and mind.

- Start with some really exciting new client projects! I'm so excited about a few big projects in the works. One kitchen remodel, one new-build that's coming together, and one new home renovation...stay tuned!

- Start a new book. Or finish one I haven't yet ;) I need to finish How We Love. I also have a few others I want to dive into. Any chick flick novels you recommend for poolside reading?

- Movie night with a sweet friend who is getting married in a few weeks. We're going to watch some girly wedding movies. Top of my list: Father of the Bride, Runaway Bride, 27 Dresses... what are some others?!

- I'm designing and coordinating the above friends' wedding on the 26th in Michigan. Can't wait for these two to be husband and wife!

- Work out 3 times a week (I've fallen off the train...) and do 50 crunches every night before bed. My husband says he's going to join me in this challenge.

- While home in California, my mom taught me a lot about what vitamins we need to be taking + how to make vegetables taste really good, so I'm going to start implementing these things in our home. I REALLY want to help our family (though just the two of us now) down a healthy and responsible path. We're going to start having spinach salad 3 times a week to get tons of greens. I don't eat fish or seafood, and that contains a lot of omega 3's that are vital for your body, so I'm going to start taking flaxseed oil to get some of that vitamin. 

- Plan a night away for our one year anniversary in September! 

- I'm not going to buy a single thing in August. No clothes, no home decor, no shoes, nail polish (always gets me in the store! ha), no plants for outside...nothing. You get the picture. I want to focus on being content and not focus on stuff. Who wants to join me?! 

- Show you a recent client project reveal...starting tomorrow on the blog!

What are your goals this month?!

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PS. Check out the Rent the Runway Clearance Sale! Things are up to 80% off to BUY! Just had to mention, since I love rent the runway for all my special occasions! 

9 Reasons An Interior Designer Will Benefit You

Interior design is a luxury service. It's not for everyone and I understand that. That's part of the risk involved when you own your own service-based creative business! A risk I'm willing to take, because serving people and families through interior design fills me with such joy.

I never want to convince someone to hire me by being pushy! I want them to really want to work with me and be excited about all the benefits an interior designer will bring them. Serving my clients well is my top priority. Though it's a service that not everyone necessarily needs, I came up with 9 reason why hiring an interior designer will benefit you!

So, in no particular order, here we go...

1. Resale value.
Designers should be helping you make choices that are beautiful and functional for years to come, which should help maintain or increase your homes' resale value.

2. Saves you money, because things get done right the first time.
This is especially true if you hire a designer to help you at the beginning of a renovation or new build, as sometimes contractors do things the easy way, but not the most functional way or that is most aesthetically pleasing (a favorite example is where builders place lighting!). A number of things can go wrong or unforeseen, so the help of a designer during a renovation can ensure you do things right the first time, thus saving you money. A new client of mine and I just did a walkthrough of her new build house. While walking through, after the electrician came and wired the house, we noticed there was no outlet above the fireplace for the TV. It cost extra money for him to come back and install the necessary things, tearing down drywall in the process. If I had come on before the electrician, we would have been able to avoid this and make the decision together that, yes, the TV above the fireplace is the best solution to the room layout.

3. New ideas and a fresh set of eyes.
This is an obvious reason to hire a designer! You want your space to be reimagined and have new life. Your designer should definitely be able to do this!

4. Contacts & resources.
Your interior designer should have contacts to refer you to (ie. painters, window coverings, tile stores, contractors, etc.) They should also have a number of resources at their disposal, including designer accounts with stores so they can get you better prices on retail items. 

5. Create spaces that feel like YOU!
Sometimes my design clients come to me with inspiration and pieces they know they love, but they don't know how to put it all together to create a room that feels like them. Designers (in all areas, not just interiors) should be able to take information on what a client likes, glean their style, and then design a space that embodies their lifestyle and personality. That's what I try to do in all my client spaces!

6. Save time.
We source (the designer term for "shop" and "put together") so you don't have to. We place orders, run errands, and style your space so you are saving time left and right!

7. Save stress.
Going hand-in-hand with the above, additionally, you're saving yourself a whole bunch of stress in not having to do all of those things and ensuring your room will turn out beautifully, with the end vision in mind.

8. Things will actually fit to the scale of your room.
A good designer should be measuring your space and the pieces they are going to fill that space with, to be sure everything fits. This avoids hassle, returns, or loosing money when items aren't allowed to be returned. I use CAD for my client floor plans and draw everything in before we order. This also comes in handy as I can show my clients what the layout of their room will look like with an 8x10 rug versus a 6x9 rug. I can help them make educated buying decisions by showing them their rooms mocked up to scale.

9. You’ll (hopefully!) learn about design and why things work along the way, for future projects.
While designing, I really try to educate my clients on WHY I chose something or why this item works over this item. I definitely aim to share my knowledge on design as we work on the house!

If you're a designer, what did I miss?! What has your experience been working with a designer? I'd love to hear!


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Summer Updates Around Our Home

Today I'm taking you inside our apartment for a little summer update tour. It's not much, as our apartment is small, but it's something

First, I added a Magnolia wreath to the front door. I've been looking for one for FOREVER (I tried homegoods, target, hobby lobby every time I was in the store and nothing! There was no way I was dropping close to $100 for the Magnolia Market wreath ;) so I was thrilled when I finally found Graced Designs. Malia makes the most beautiful wreaths. I tell you, these leaves look SO real! All I did to finish it off was find some gingham ribbon to tie it up with. To hang it, I stuck a Command strip on the door, then tied the ribbon around the wreath and knotted it. Then I looped the knot around the command strip. Finally, I tied a bow around the knot to complete the look. You can see what I mean in the picture below.

That's our little entry porch! I think the wreath was just thing I needed to give it some personality. We have a neighbor who changes our her door decor ever month, so I felt like I had to do SOMETHING haha! 

Moving inside, I restyled our bookcase. Mostly because Lincoln was biting the things on the bottom of the shelf so we needed a new solution. The things on the bottom shelf happened to be my husband's records, which are the most precious things to him. There was no way we could let the pup bite those! So I found a basket large enough to house the records, with room to spare, and put them in there. Now Lincoln just goes after the basket, which is better ;)

When I style my bookcase, I always think of things in 3's or in odd numbers. For example, the middle shelf has 3 vignettes. The green vases and the succulent, the stack of books and the birdcage, and the candle sticks and third candle. (Ignore our Nest Thermostat, which my husband insisted in installing when we moved in...what can I say? He's an engineer...) The bottom shelf is okay to have one thing, because it's substantial enough to hold its own and ground the rest of the bookshelf. If it was a small basket, just one of them wouldn't work and I would suggest getting two.

Just a peek at the other side of the apartment, the living room, which you might have seen in last week's post.

Hopefully this gives you a feeling of how the room is set up:

Yep, he's biting the actual shelf now. Thankfully I got some bitter apple spray and now the biting all the things is getting a lot better!

I just love this candle I picked up from Petite Petal Company last time I was in California. Not only does it smell so good, but the lid is gorgeous.

This frame was my souvenir from the last trip I took to Magnolia Market. Taking into account that it's marble, I was surprised at how affordable it was! It came with this line drawing in it. I don't think it was meant to stay in the frame, but I love it.

A peek at our pretty new pillows!

If you're a dog parent and don't want to sacrifice style for the practical needs of your dog, then you might like these next few pictures. That was me for sure! My husband could care less what dog bowls looked like, but I didn't want something that was an eye sore (I'm crazy, I know!) so I was overly excited when I found these ceramic dog bowls with the bone shape on the front. They're just so cute! I could choose either silver or gold writing, and I went with gold because we have some other gold touches in our apartment. We tried the bowls without a mat for a few days, but turns out a puppy who loves water + a puppy with a beard (seriously) doesn't mix well. I pulled out a pretty placemat my grandma made us for our wedding and we're using that. Lincoln sure loves his bowls (better than the little bowl from my cupboard we were using for the first week ha!)

See...we tried with no mat here...

 Aren't they adorable?! You can personalize the labels with your pet's name or a paw print, but we went with Food and Water.

Alright, I'm done. One last picture of him for good measure. I swear this blog won't become a dog blog ;)

Have you made any updates to your home for summer? Tag me on Instagram @michaelanoelledesigns and I'd love to see!

Happy Tuesday!

** a few of these items were c/o the shop owners. All opinions are my own & 100% honest. We only work with companies we love! Thanks for supporting companies MND believes in!