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The Short List 4

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend celebrating your fathers. I shared a little about my dad here, if you want to take a look!

The Short List series is back! I'll be giving you the scoop on what we've been up to lately-- what we're reading, watching, eating, etc. If you want another topic added to the mix, just let me know and I'll add it next month.

What We're Watching: Well now that our favorite shows are taking a break until fall (Designated Survivor and This Is Us) we have been watching lots of The Office on Netflix. Neither of us have seen it all the way through, though we've both seen most of it, so it's been a good time. We just finished FRIENDS also. I've seen that a couple times through all the way, but my husband has never seen it! (I couldn't believe it, so we fixed that!) My husband is really into House of Cards and I, rather shamefully, watch The Bachelorette. Not super into this season yet.

One show I really like is Married at First Sight. Sort of embarrassed to admit this, but it's so interesting! Essentially it's arranged marriages by experts and the show follows the 3 couples they paired together in marriage to see how the grow to love each other (or not). This is the fourth or fifth season and it's crazy that some of the couples actually stay together and are so happily married now! Does anyone watch this?! Please tell me I'm not the only one ;) 

What I'm Loving: 

1. I've been LOVING the peaches from Trader Joe's recently. SO GOOD! Might need to make my peach cobbler soon.

2. Summer! I think Wednesday is the first official day of summer, but it's been warm temps here for a few weeks now. I feel so alive in the summer! ;)

3. We had a great Bloom Workshop last week in Traverse City, Michigan. Our mini workshops are always some of our favorites, so we might just be adding another workshop to the fall!

4. These flat sandals:

6. I'm also obsessed with tassels right now. This white tank is affordable and you know how I love a cute white top! It goes with everything :) Pair it with my favorite chambray shorts and outfit complete!

What We're Eating: We've been doing Blue Apron meals once a month for the past 3-4 months and it's been really fun. Three meals will be on my door step this Tuesday and I can't wait! It means I also don't have to do a lot of grocery!! If you want a referral to get your first order of 3 meals FREE, comment with your email address! I'll send you a referral asap.

What's on My Desk: This last week I was working on some decor for a client's playroom. We're starting with pillows. I came up with 3 options for her. Which is your favorite?! 

SHOP: neutral textured / navy pillow / floral / coral herringbone rug  (comes in a bunch of colors!)

SHOPneutral textured / embroidered blue / home pillow

Looking Forward to: My husband turns 28 on Thursday...holy cow!! I'm looking forward to celebrating him with some friends!

What We're Reading: I am a very slow reader naturally, but I haven't been spending a lot of time reading recently. That's what happens in the summer I guess! I'm still trying to finish the last few chapters of A Broken Way. I really want a fun chick flick novel to read at the beach this summer though, so I'll take suggestions!

That's my short list! Answer some of these in the comments so I can get to know you better :)

Thanks for reading!

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