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Introducing Tissage!

I'd like to give a warm welcome to one of CB's newest sponsors, Tissage. This sweet Etsy shop is always filled with a great variety of stunning statement necklaces and bracelets as well as lovely casual pieces. {Read: Great wedding presents!!!} Tory Browning, curator and creator of Tissage, found her passion for creating at a young age and has since been inspired by a number of different locales and experiences. Let's hear about it:

I think I might have been making things in the womb. All I know is I haven't ever not made things. I studied painting in France, weaving in Italy and sculpture in college. Currently I make all sorts of things, from jewelry to stained glass to candles. I started making hats a few years ago. Every time I pick up a new skill or hobby my friends all roll their eyes, but then they start requesting things.

Here's a few of my favorites currently in Tory's shop:

Featured above: Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet, Handmade, Jillian, $58; Lemon Quartz, Sterling Silver Necklace, Handmade, Lemon Drop, $36; Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone Bridal Necklace, Handmade, Aimee, $122; Pearl, Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet, Silver, Handmade, Beverly, $68

Seriously, wouldn't those pearl and vintage rhinestone numbers be absolutely maaahvalous for a bride?! There are lots of fun accessories at great pricepoints for bridesmaids and flowergirls, too .... or for you, just because! ;o)

Check out the entire selection at Tissage and have fun shopping!

Tissage is a sponsor of Classic Bride.

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