European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Loire Valley, France, p.2

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Judul : European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Loire Valley, France, p.2
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European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Loire Valley, France, p.2

Entry No. 8: Loire Valley, France, p.2

Did you miss my first entry about the recent road trip I took through the Loire Valley? If so, you can catch up here. :o) Today I'll share a few of my favorite castles we visited + the sweet town of Blois.

If you're planning a honeymoon through the Loire Valley, there are two castles you simply *must* visit: Chenonceau and Chambord. There are many more lovely castles that dot this magical countryside and are definitely worth a visit but if you're pressed on time or just want a good overview of how former royalty lived, these two will certainly impress.

The Château de Chenonceau was such a fairytale-like delight with its long ballroom sprawling across the River Cher, its amazing kitchens built into the bridge piers and the history of being a 'Château des Dames,' {Women's Castle}, mostly safeguarded against wars and destruction.

We stopped for a light lunch at L'Orangerie, the restaurant of the castle, which faces the Green Garden designed by Bernard Palissy. Not bad for some fresh fruit and tabouleh but I wouldn't plan a feast here as it was rather overpriced and didn't have incredible French fare.

Next up, we drove over to Chambord ....

The word stunning doesn't measure up to the beauty of Chambord ... it is beyond breathtaking in person. And the interior surpassed impressive. There is a magnificent central staircase inside designed by Da Vinci and the rooftop is sprinkled with winding towers, spiraling chimneys and gorgeous stairways.

Later in the week, we ventured to the city of Blois ... loved this romantic view of the rooftops:

And how fun would it be to explore the Loire in a brilliant vintage car like the one above? I don't know the make or model but I can imagine how fun it would be to toot around France with your lovebird in that car! I just adoooore the color!

After touring the city of Blois, we headed to the Château Royal de Blois. Steeped in history and so very well preserved, it was easy to imagine the events that occured at this incredible castle {including the horrific murder of the Duke of Guise}.

The stormy skies lent a fabulous mood and dramatic air to both the castle and town ...

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my journey. Lots more still ahead!

A CB Tip or Two:
-- If you're visiting Chenonceau during the spring or summer, try to book a boat ride that will take you under the magestic arches of the castle. We didn't have the time or foresight to do this but I think it would be incredibly romantic for a honeymoon! ;o)

-- When purchasing your ticket at the Château at Blois, you can get a discount on the Museum of Magic that is directly across the courtyard of the castle. It's a little lighthearted but offers an interesting performance-art piece in their little theater. When we visited, the theme was Alice in Wonderland and I greatly enjoyed it. A little lacking in the magic tricks but pretty creative and very visually pleasing.

Lots more little Loire towns coming up ... plus Mont St. Michel, Versailles and the Paris Flea Market. Stay tuned!

If you have any tips, insights, suggestions or comments, I'd love to hear them! Hope you enjoyed the second installment of the European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal! Happy Honeymooning!

Did you miss the other entries of CB's Travel Journal? Click here to catch up! ;o)

{All images by me}

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