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CB hearts: The Graduated Glitter Nail

I have been meaning to do a post on the uber-trendy graduated glitter nail that has taken blogland by storm for weeks {maybe months} now ... I first saw the concept on Emily's blog {the tantalizing mermaid nail - did you see it?} and had that instant 'aha' moment ... pure genius, seriously!

I, like most girly-girls, hold firm to the philosophy that sparkle makes pretty much anything better ... so, accordingly, after reading Emily's post, I ran out and bought 6 of my favorite Martha Stewart glitters {my fave to use so far are 'smoky quartz' and 'lapis lazuli'}. I've been happily doing the graduated glitter nail for a few weeks now and I think the look would be so fun and festive for a wedding!

What do you think?
{btw, not my nails but super similar to how they're looking right now!}

Oh, it's also insanely easy! Here's how I do it:
a. Paint your nails whatever color you like. I always do two coats. Sometimes three. I like it super matte.
b. Sprinkle your desired glitter onto a plate/cardboard/whatever and dip the wand from your clear coat nail polish into the glitter. {I officially designated one of my clear coats to being the 'glitter spreader arounder'}
c. Apply the glitter-soaked wand heavily over the tips of your nails. Then re-dip the wand into the clear nail polish. And do a graduating effect down your nail.
d. Happily go about your day in love with your fabulously sparkly nails! ;o)

My favorite color combos so far?
a. Candy red nail / Smoky quartz or muted gold glitter
b. Pale grey nail / Dark hematite glitter
c. Nude nail / Any color glitter but I esp. like the smoky quartz
d. A creamy white nail with snowflake-like glitter would be dreamy for a winter wedding!

ps. It's also fun to do the reverse and have the glitter graduate out from your nailbeds or just do one accent nail like the ring finger! Oooh, and toes, too! I'll try and post some photos next time I have a painting party!

Want more glitter? Check out these to-die-for glittery ankle boots. GAH!

Images: 1: Via here; 2: Via here

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