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CB At Home: Accessory shrines

Hey loves, I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Mine was fabulously lazy with one early morning flea market thrown in. I woke up before the sun rose {not too common for this girl} on Sunday and traveled with some friends back to Tongeren, Belgium, {Did you miss my other European antiquing posts? Click here to catch up.} and I thought I'd share my favorite little jewel I toted home with me:

Yes! It's my first full-body dress form and I was told it is over 100 years old. It's marked 'PARIS Made in France' and I've already been imagining dreamy back stories for it. Some of my friends were a little creeped out by it but after I added a few sparkly numbers and tucked a pair of RayBan aviators on the 'shirt collar', I think she {or is it a he ... can't really tell but does it really matter? ... } is looking pretty chic next to my accessories table.

With my new addition, I felt inspired to spruce up my vanity. I did a little googling and found the holy grail of 'accessory shrine' inspiration here. I grabbed a few milk glass compotes out of the guest room {left over from our wedding 3 years ago} and started organizing. Here's a little glimpse:

{Above: The European charm bracelet I talked about in this post that my mother gave me years ago. love.}

I found the little gold + glass jewelry box at the Braderie de Lille in France last September.

The little glass bottles I picked up at a tiny flea market in France last summer. The vendor explained that he found them while on a World War II exploratory dig in the nearby area. My friend bought a grenade he had found on the same dig.  The milkglass compote is from my wedding. :o)

What does your vanity look like? Is it skillfully arranged with fun mementos or a crazy mish-mash of your favorites? I'd love to see some photos!

ps. Dress forms can be fabulous wedding accessories, too. ;o)

Images by me.

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