Know Paris well? Pls share your fave tip{s}!

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Know Paris well? Pls share your fave tip{s}!

Hi loves. I hope you can help me plan an amazing little return trip to Paris! J and I are planning a belated 10-year-anniversary getaway in late February since we couldn't be together on our real anni back in October {sniff, sniff}. But I think some time in our favorite city will make up for it!

I would be delighted to hear any tips and suggestions for some obscure places + scenes to visit in Paris. I've been to the City of Light a handful of times so we've knocked out most of the 'big things' several times over and I'm ready to discover some lesser known sights and sounds.

I do have a few things lined up on a loose itinerary for us but I'd love to add some more awesomeness to the list with your help! Here's what I have so far but please chirp in with your own ideas and suggestions:

- La Maison Deyrolle. 46 rue du Bac. Paris VIIe.
This menagerie of curiosities and taxidermy at its finest has been on my dreamlist for ages ...
- Musee d'Orsay. 62, rue de Lille.
Okay, not so obscure but we still haven't made it here and it's really a must-do, non?
- Original house of Chanel. 31 rue Cambo.
Just to marvel. Inspired by this Travel + Leisure write-up about tracing the steps of Coco.
- Ladurée. again. I've been to the original on rue Royale and the one on Champs-Elysées and the teensy one inside Versailles. Now I need to visit the one at 21 rue Bonaparte. ;o)
- Port de Vanves flea market. I did St. Ouen last spring and have to say I was sadly underwhelmed. I'm hoping the environment and energy will be a little different at Vanves. If you've been, tell me your thoughts.

My ?s for the Parisian experts out there:
- We'll be traveling from Germany by train. Any preferred Paris arrival stations?
- J wants to buy me a piece of vintage jewelry in Paris and I'm kinda really really loving his sweet idea. Any store recs?
- Moulin Rouge. Should we bother or is it just gauche?
- Any hotel or b&b recs? We have a few on our list but I always love staying somewhere new. Looking for quaint, not OTT but with a good location. Interested in Montmartre area, too.
- We've climbed the steps of Sacre Coeur and marveled at the city from the Eifel Tower - what is your favorite high spot{s} in town to take in the city?
- I've heard about a little tiny museum devoted to Marie Antionette where you actually visit the cell she spent her last night. I have to find out more! Do you know about this?
- Seeing the Nutcracker in December in Paris is on my bucket list. Anyone know the details on this? I need to start planning for next year. ;o)

Thanks for any input you may have! It is truly appreciated. xoxox.

ps. Did you hear about CB's Parisian shoot? It's still in the planning stages and we're still open to new vendor involvement. ;o) ;o) I'll be sharing a post soon all about the styling - props, outfits, ideas, etc.! So excited!

Image via Moon and Trees tumblr.

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