Classic Wedding Investment: Creative Ringbearer Boxes, p.1

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Classic Wedding Investment: Creative Ringbearer Boxes, p.1

I will always love a classic ringbearer pillow {my Mom once cross-stitched a monogrammed pillow for a friend's wedding and I'm still swooning over it!} but I'm also really loving alternatives to the pillow. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you today.

You may remember this amazing glass box used for the rings from Violet + Jason's Ohio wedding I shared a few months ago:
Photo by Adam Lowe Photography
I kinda made a huge fuss over the little glass box on Instagram {you can follow me here}. I love that the couple added some natural moss for cushioning - it adds great color and texture! And they didn't stop there! They also included a ceremony called 'warming of the rings' where the guests get involved and pass the rings around and wish the couple good luck and bless them. Here is a link with more info about the ceremony.

And how can you not love a ringbearer pup? The darling black lab from Matt + Laura's New England wedding is too cute for words - and I love a good floral collar - perfect for attaching the rings:

Photo by Kat Hanafin
I also love the idea of getting creative and using beautiful vintage containers as ring boxes for the ringbearer. A few goodies I have lined up for my CB Vintage shop seemed too perfect so I decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot with some of my wares to show you just how great they could be! As always, if you see something you'd be interested in purchasing, just shoot me an e-mail at theclassicbride[at]gmail[dot]com. I'd be happy to pack anything you see and send it right off to you for your wedding. :)

Similar to the glass box used in Violet and Jason's wedding, I love this little antique glass box I found at the Lille, France flea market (read about all the fun I had at the market here) a few years ago. It sits a little crooked {which I freakin love} and is missing one sidepane of glass but I don't think that takes away any of its inherent charm ... I actually think it adds charm! I love the faded red tufted material inside - I like to imagine the box having once belonged to a little French princess who kept her most prized pieces of jewelry inside. How cute would it be to have a ringbearer tote this pretty down the aisle?

The sidepane of glass is missing but whatevs ... it's still adorbs! Don't you agree?
This next idea is a little outside the box (see what I did there? (;) but I think it's incredibly cool - use a vintage (extra points if it's French) ashtray as a ringbox and use some green moss as a natural cushion:

I have a weak spot for collecting French ashtrays because they just exude Frenchness to me ... I imagine Eva Green languidly puffing on a cig and blowing smoke rings at a Parisian streetside bistro while waiting for her lovaah to arrive. ... Or Brigitte Bardot doing the same in St. Tropez ... you get the idea ... it conjurs up sexy French vibes that are irresistible. And who wouldn't want to inject a little of that in their wedding, right? What makes it even better is that most of the vintage French ashtrays I collected have French ads for a product or cafe or bar on them and many times they were also used to deliver the bill to customers. I love a piece with good history, don't you?

Under the moss, this French ashtray says St Raphael.
If you're interested in purchasing and would like more photos,
just e-mail at theclassicbride[at]gmail[dot]com.
For a more pared-down, natural look, I love the idea of using a vintage French pitch pot and again using moss as a natural cushion. I scored a heap of these cute little clay pitch pots in Provence:

 Cafe au lait bowls are rather charming, too:

And, lastly, for today, a good vintage tin always makes a beautiful ring box:

The best part about using a unique ring box for your wedding is that you can continue to use it as a ring box well after the wedding on your nightstand or in a place of prominence in your home. Hello, classic investment.

Tune in tomorrow for more pretty vintage ring boxes for sale! I've saved the best for last so make sure you come back! ;) I'll also tell you where I found my pretty moss (for free!). xox.

Photos by moi unless otherwise stated.

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