Romantic + Whimsical Portugal Wedding by Brancoprata

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Judul : Romantic + Whimsical Portugal Wedding by Brancoprata
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Romantic + Whimsical Portugal Wedding by Brancoprata

If you haven't experienced the magic of a wedding through the eyes of the superbly talented Brancoprata photography team, brace yourself because this Portugal wedding is a dream come true. Mafalda and Magnus live in Sweden but chose to wed in coastal Portugal {in Mafalda's hometown} and the couple did a magnificent job with this destination wedding - my jaw was dropped the entire time I was editing this delightful wedding. ;) And I just have to add how much I'm loving the groom's dapper style - what a gent! / Photos by Brancoprata.

Says Mafalda, "I could have never imagined I would have a destination wedding in my hometown! I am Portuguese and my gorgeous husband is Swedish, therefore, despite living in Sweden, we decided we would get married in sunny Portugal. Of course, it rained on our wedding day. But the one true thing is that we would love to do it all again!

The week before the big day our friends arrived to the house where we all stayed: a fantastic villa by the sea in Estoril. Villa São Paulo was also where we had our reception. Next time we get married we will do the wedding on the first day of that week instead. We would have loved to enjoy that time even more with our friends instead of being stressed ... Some of them we hadn't seen in years!

Our ceremony was beautiful. In Portugal, it is still quite unusual to have a wedding without a church. But we picked a wonderful palace (Palácio de Monserrate) in Sintra, where we got engaged. Our celebrant was late - yes even later than a Portuguese bride! - and nobody remembered to even check. We nearly panicked when we went up the aisle and did not see her! But, luckily, we were blessed with a great friend who translated the wedding along with my talented aunt that saved the moment! We trusted our family with most of the ceremony and we got so much love from them.

The previous day our awesome photographer - André from Branco Prata - asked us if it would be ok for some friends of his to come along and film our wedding. We are the luckiest. We got the funny, talented and amazing Bubblerock. The photos and the video we got are the second best thing I got from this wedding. First it was the best husband in the world, and then it was all the moments they captured for us: moments from a day that will never be repeated again. Our families, our friends who live apart, speak different languages, who had never met before, all got together in one place. I would say the number one thing to pick right is the photographers and videographers. They will bring out the best from your wedding, and most of all, they will be the people you will spend most of your time with during that day. So get awesome ones like ours. They allowed us to have the time me and my husband needed to enjoy our day... And still feel like it was just the two of us (and 4 cameras?).

After all is done, all I could say is that we are glad we listened to our hearts, to each other and to all the great professionals we met along the way. Listening to other people was vital but doing what we really wished for was key. A wedding day is such a busy day. It goes by too fast! To sum it up, we made a list of our top 6 best decisions and worst decisions we made:

1: We totally picked the right person.
2: We trusted our family and friends with a lot of things and we got more than we asked for. My uncle and aunt wrote us a song, his cousin sang so beautifully that he made everybody cry, so many people helped me fold paper cranes, João was the best dj ever and, of course, our mums were awesome. The list is too long. We hope they know how thankful we are.
3: Great locations were fundamental.
4: We put a lot of work into our invitations and graphic material. Feels like all we put a lot of work into came out right!
5: Best photographers and videographers ever.
6: Magnus thinks I picked the right dress, and I think I picked all the right stuff for him too! ;)

The top 6 worst decisions:
1: Picking a rainy day. Not quite our fault but that was a pity. Our plan involved an outside wedding and unfortunately the room as a little bit too small for our 100 guests. But it worked out!
2: I did not test my hair before the wedding. Big mistake. I will admit I wasn't so happy with it at first and it made the morning a little bit more stressful than it should have been.
3: We didn't have the traditional toast master that Swedish weddings have. We are unsure this was the right call. Speeches are nice to hear and we did not get some important ones because of this.
4: We didn't prepare all things to the detail - nobody had our wedding waltz ready to play, and nobody warned us our celebrant wasn't there!
5: I did not have somebody responsible for my make-up for the rest of the day. I should have had!
6: Nobody told me the "pregos no pão" that came out at midnight was the best food at the wedding! I didn't even try them and that's all people talk about! Boo!

(We miss so much organizing our wedding that we have been offering - more like begging them to ask us - to do whatever anybody that is getting married wants us to do! So please engaged couples, do enjoy your time!)"

Thank you soooo much to Mafalda and Magnus for sharing their gorgeous day and to Brancoprata for sharing the oh-so-lovely photos. xx

ps. Check out Magnus and Mafalda's beautiful wedding film by Bubblerock here.

Credits: Wedding dress: Pronovias / Groom's suite: J. Lindeberg / Groom's shoes: COS / Bride's shoes: Melissa / Bowtie: Viktoria Fagerfjäll ( / Caterer: Casa do Marquês / Ceremony venue: Palácio de Monserrate - Sintra / Venue: Villa São Paulo - Estoril / Flowers: Martins Alves / DJ: Shcuro / Personalized doll for each geust cut by: Norigem / Photographer: André Teixeira, Brancoprata / Videographer: Bubblerock

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