Charm School (for Brides!) with Commerce Street Events, p.1

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Charm School (for Brides!) with Commerce Street Events, p.1

Hey friends, I'm so excited to tell you about the new Charm School Series debuting today! The darling gals from Commerce Street Events, of Nashville, will be teaching us the entire process of planning a wedding from start to finish - are you excited yet?! They'll be dishing on the ins and outs of welcome boxes, going dress shopping with your girls and chatting all about flowers and cakes. And who better to play the part of the bride than their sweet new intern, Megan, who is a theatre major with lots of personality! I can't wait to share all of CSE's fabulous intel so grab your prettiest notebook and pen and get ready to take some notes! ;) It's all yours, CSE!

For a newly engaged bride, we suggest finding your wedding planner first. This makes the whole process easier for everyone including vendors.

Deciding on a Wedding Planner
First, the couple must decide what they are looking for; there are many different types of planners. There is month of, full service, designers, and coordinators. Also, this depends on the couple’s budget. Full service will obviously be the most expensive and month of the least expensive. These are all options to weigh when interviewing planners. The same advice for picking a wedding photographer applies for planners. A planner is going to be involved in a very intimate event in a couple’s life. It is very likely a planner will be the first or second person a couple will see after being married, this is not a decision to be taken lightly.

CSE's current intern, Megan, who will be playing the bride for this fun series!
Tips for deciding on a wedding planner: 
No. 1 | Make sure the couple’s personality and the planner’s mesh well together.
No. 2 A couple must like the planner’s work. This can likely be found on their website or Pinterest page.
No. 3 Planners need to be organized and detailed oriented. This is a deal breaker in our opinion. If your planner is not handling the details of your wedding well then they will likely be forgotten.
No. 4 Another tip is to make sure the planner is not double booked for a couple’s date. The couple needs to ensure the planner’s full-undivided attention is focused on their wedding.
No. 5 Insurance is another factor to consider. This is never a fun topic to think about, but a necessary evil. Some planners are insured, if not the couple will need to purchase event insurance.

Here are a few other hints for a newly engaged bride from the Commerce Street team:
No. 1 | A wedding binder, such as this one from J.Crew will ensure all of your wedding details are in one place.
No. 2 | A fresh manicure for all of the people glazing at your new bling.
No. 3 | Be careful with looking on pinterest, although helpful, it can also be overwhelming for a new bride.
No. 4 | This is a once in a lifetime experience, do not stress and enjoy the time.

Thanks so much for this great start to the series, girls! Can't wait to share the next installment. :)

Credits: Photographer: Commerce Street Events / Wedding Planner Book: Sugar Paper for J.Crew / Venue: Nashville Library

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