European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Delft, Netherlands

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Judul : European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Delft, Netherlands
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European {Honeymoon-Inspired} Travel Journal: Delft, Netherlands

Entry No. 46: Delft, Netherlands

I've been to Delft twice. Once when I was a little kid and again, two years ago, when my parents visited us in Europe. It's a darling Dutch town full of charm. Hope you enjoy this peek at our visit and feel inspired to add it to your honeymoon itin! Let me know if you have any questions and, as always, my top tips are jotted down for you at the end of the post. xx.

This shot was used in the film Girl with a Pearl Earring (which is one of my favorite films)

This bookworm shop sign was so stinking cute I had to take a few shots - doesn't it look like it could be straight out of a fairytale?

CB's Top Tips for Delft, Netherlands:

- Take a stroll. Head out of the town center and explore the neighborhoods. I love doing this in European towns and cities - just like people watching, I also enjoy house/hood watching ... which might be creepy to some but I looove checking out different house styles, sneaking peeks in private gardens, and yes, maybe taking a few glances in homes with open drapes. C'mon, you know you do, too. We were walking to a Delftware shop for my Mom and just the route just happened to take us through a super chic townhouse district. 

- Order some fresh fish. You can get a fresh herring sandwich from food stands and local markets set up in the center of town. I don't remember the type of fish we ordered but I do remember it was delicious and came with a darn good tangy sauce. 

- Book early. We waited until about a month before we visited to book our hotel and everything in the town center was booked. We ended up having to stay outside the town center which made getting around a little trickier (since we had taken the train and not driven). Delft isn't tiny but it's fairly small and there aren't a ton of downtown hotels so book in advance!

- Combine it. Rotterdam and Amsterdam would be easy to mix in an itinerary with Delft if you're looking for a longer trip.

- Delftware. This is Delft's claim to fame but you should know there are a lot of fakes so do your research before you go and know what to look for if you want the real deal. If you want to know the name of the shop we walked to (in the charming neighborhood), just message me and I'll get the info from my Mom for you. ;)

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