February Goals

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February Goals

My monthly goals are becoming a favorite series of mine around here! I hope you don't mind me sharing my goals, because it sure does keep me more accountable (except, apparently for ordering our wedding albums ;))

Clean our apartment After we took our tree down, we cleaned and it feels SO good.
- Make Chili & cornbread (upon husband's request!) It was delicious!
- Order that wedding album. I REALLY need to get on this in February ;)
- Start working on our wedding gallery wall. Thinking of ordering these frames that are on sale! Ordered the framed, hallelujah! Just waiting for the pictures to arrive then will get them hung :) I love the champagne color of the frame!
- Launch our 2017 workshop dates It was quite the launch with 5 workshops! We're so thankful to have sold so many tickets already. Can't wait to meet all the amazing women at Bloom this year. 
- Create a tentative editorial calendar for the year! This is going to improve the blog so much!
- Order my planner  I got this one :)
- Get pictures taken of my client's finished space. Can't wait to show you all of them!
- Hopefully work to get my new website up in the coming months. It's going to be up shortly!
- Meet with a CPA...wah wah... SO THANKFUL to have found this one
- Wake up every Friday when my husband wakes up (read: early) and spend some time reading together. We've ben doing this and it has been so sweet.
- Go on our youth retreat with the high schoolers at our church in late January!
- Work on not complaining about the dreary weather...pray for me! ;) Well...I've been trying!

- Continue spending some quality time with my fam in California. So grateful to be here for another week! My mom and I are getting massages together this week and I can't wait. It reminds me of all the fun things we did right before our wedding.
- Put final touches on my husband's Valentine's Day present.
- Celebrate our first Valentine's Day as newlyweds! My husband is planning this date, so should be fun!
- Hang the gallery wall photos of our wedding.
- Seriously, Michaela. Order the wedding albums ;)
- Continue work on my new website and blog design (yes, coming soon!)
- Write a blog post on the best things we registered for. I have so many thoughts on this, so it should be a fun one to write!
- Do not buy anything new. No clothes, home decor...nada. Practicing self-control and being disciplined in this area is always good.
- Create a hair tutorial post for the blog, since I got a lot of comments from readers saying they'd love to see those.
- Be more intentional about praying together as husband and wife.
- Find a refugee organization that we feel will serve and love those in need and donate to them.
- Cook a new recipe. I think I'll try this Kalua Pork recipe that one of my readers sent me! Thanks, Rebecca ;)

Will you share a few goals with me below? I'd love to keep each other accountable! Come back tomorrow for some Valentine's Day decor inspiration!


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