Fixer Upper Style: Get the Look

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Fixer Upper Style: Get the Look

Hey friends! I hope you enjoyed the weekend (a long weekend for some of you!) Our weekend was sunshine galore, so we took a few walks which was glorious!

Chances are you have heard of Fixer Upper and I'm also betting, especially if you read my blog, you love Joanna's style! Today I'm showing you how to get the Fixer Upper look of a few rooms they've done. This living / dining space really caught my eye, and I'm usually not drawn to dark leather sofas. This space feels warm, inviting, cool and still bright, despite the darker furniture (thanks to white paint!)


1. Natural wood finish around the french doors calls attention to the doors and draws your eye outside. The warm wood tone helps make the room feel cozier.

2. By adding wood beams, they made the ceiling appear taller, but also feel more intimate. Chip & Jo always add architectural details that bring back character and texture to the home, while also keeping our eyes interested.

3. Light, neutral walls contrast against the darker furniture and still makes the space feel bright and open.

4. They mixed black and brown, which I really love in this space. To bring the black hue from the dining room over into the living room, they placed a black coffee table in the seating vignette. This helps disperse the color and make it feel cohesive.

5. Wide planked hardwood floors running through the entire room makes it feel more expansive.

6. As with most of their designs, a lot of the decor is actually just (fake) plants, flowers, branches, vases, trays, books, candles. Simple and sleek.

7. They have a few recessed can lights. Always a smart idea to have a few different types of lighting in each room. Recessed lighting is considered "general lighting", which fills more of the space as a whole. A dining chandelier is considered "task lighting" because you need it on in order to complete a task-- eating! And a table lamp, wall sconce or something like that could be considered more "ambient lighting" that sets a mood. It's always a great idea to put can lighting on a dimmer, so you have more control over how the room looks.


Trays & Vases:


Leather Couch & Chair:



Dining Chairs:

* Something fun to note: these dining chairs are replicas of the Windsor Chair, a chair made around the 18th century in England. It's a very iconic piece!

I also found this image on their site and thought I'd show you my favorite sources for botanical prints. This series of prints is great for over a mantel as shown, in an entry way, on a dining room wall, over a couch, down a hallway, etc. It's nice to bring some symmetry to a space by hanging them 2x3 like this, too.


Of course you can also get some pretty botanical prints from Magnolia Market here. I also love Ballard's selection. 

I hope this was helpful to you! Let me know if you like this series and I can do it more often :) I am so excited to go back to the Magnolia Silos this May!!

Happy Tuesday


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