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The Short List 2

Welcome to February's edition of The Short List! This is where I give you the scoop on what we've been up to lately-- what we're reading, watching, eating, etc.

What We're Watching: Still loving This is Us! We are also on the last season of FRIENDS on Netflix. This is my second or third time watching it all the way through and it's honestly still just as funny as the first time through! We're really excited for Designated Survivor to come back in March as well as The Catch. Have you seen either?

What I'm Loving: February was a fun month! From a little getaway to California to visit with my fam, to our first married Valentine's Day and LOTS of sunny warm days here in Michigan, it was a month to remember :) Here are a few other things I'm loving:

1. My client's home tour was featured on Rue Daily this month!

2. This is my all time favorite tea: Cream Caramel Decaf. I order it from the Tea Haus in Ann Arbor, MI. It's SO good! A black tea, but decaf! Perfect for me. Try it, you won't regret it!

3. Goldendoodles. I've mentioned this on Instagram recently, but if you didn't see...we really want one. I guess you could say I've got puppy fever ;) SOMEONE STOP ME.

4. All the gorgeous Oscar dresses! Did you watch? Here are some of my favorite

And my favorite for the night, the gorgeous Nicole Kidman:

Which was your favorite?!

What We're Eating: THANK YOU for the suggestions from my last post! I'm making a pulled pork recipe that a reader suggested last month this week and I'm so excited. So is my hubby, because that's one of his favorite meals.

This month I have a few recipes to share with you! I made the Pioneer Woman's Cranberry Pork Tenderloin recipe here a few nights ago and it was delicious! I watched my mom make it at home a few weeks ago and since it was so easy, I knew I could do it with no problems :) Just a note, the pictures are nice in her blog post, but she doesn't list the ingredients all in one place, so I found this blog post that does here. It's a little easier to follow!

I also made her dinner rolls recipe at the bottom of the page, which were INSANELY good. I substituted the dinner rolls with store-bought biscuits (Trader Joes brand) and we both agreed they were amazing.

What's on My Desk: This month I've had a few new clients, which has been fun! I'm currently working on one of my long-time clients' basement renovation (turning out beautifully!), a few e-designs (including a really fun contemporary bedroom design for a sweet young lady, who is about to head to college), a couple of 1 hour design consults, and finishing up another long-time clients' new build.

Looking Forward To: The workshop I teach is heading to Northern California in April and it's being held at our gorgeous wedding venue, Holman Ranch!! I'm so excited to be back. If you want to learn more about blogging, social media, photography, design, styling, floral arranging, calligraphy and styled shoots, there are a few seats left still! Get all the details here.

What I'm Reading: I'm really excited to tell you about this one. I'm currently reading one of my favorite authors' newest books, Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen. I'm loving the simple, yet profound truths I've been finding in her words. That lie that we have to be enough and do enough and maintain the perfect image to everyone around us (and ourselves!) is such a weight on our shoulders. We can't be enough on our own, but through Jesus we are. What a relief and a blessing!
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Okay, your turn! Answer a few of the questions + give me recipes and books you love!
Have a wonderful week!


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