Friday Finds: Jewelry That Makes a Difference

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Friday Finds: Jewelry That Makes a Difference

Hey everyone + happy Friday! Today I'm really excited to be sharing something so dear to my heart. If you read my March Goals, then you saw that I mentioned I'm going to be hosting a jewelry party. The party is next week and I can't wait! I thought I'd tell you a bit about the shop I'm partnering with for the party, because their mission is so wonderful and inspiring.

Noonday Collections is a jewelry and accessory company that employs women (and some men) in vulnerable countries around the world to create their beautiful jewelry. And I'm not kidding -- it is GORGEOUS! When we purchase these pieces, we are directly impacting the artisans who are making the jewelry with their hands, by providing them with a job, which leads to them being able to give them and their children a place to sleep, food to eat, and clothes to wear. Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Afghanistan and Rwanda are just a few of the 12 countries where the jewelry is crafted. Knowing where the jewelry I'm purchasing and then wearing comes from is SO cool to me.

Another thing I love is Noonday's heart for adoption. I love what their website says-- "We create dignified jobs that empower families to care for their children, ensuring that children are not orphaned or abandoned because of poverty. We work with our local partners to ensure that Artisans receive fair wages that enable them to send their children to school, and do not work with businesses that employ children. We also donate 10% of sales at Adoption Trunk Shows to families who are in the process of adopting a child." Now that's a mission I can get behind! You can read more about the company here.

Now for the fun part, want to see some of these beautiful jewelry pieces?!

one - amity necklace / two- golden hour earrings / three- joy necklace / four- labyrinth cuff / five- refined bangles, set of 5 / six- rivulet earrings (made of bone and brass!) / seven- charmed brass necklace (on sale) / eight - folktale chunky wood necklace / nine - sea change necklace /

If you want to see what country the pieces are made in, it says it on each individual listing. You can shop by country, too! The thing I have my eye on most are those golden hour earrings! Can't wait to order those.

You might be thinking, "Michaela, you just said in your March goals that you're not going to purchase anything for Lent." You are right, I did say that ;) But this is an exception, because of the amazing cause. And then right after this party, back to not purchasing anything!

Anyways, you are ALL invited to my party...just virtually, of course! You can shop the collection here. And just so you know, I'm not being paid or given any free product in exchange for this post. I just genuinely love Noonday and am excited for the get together next week :)

Have a wonderful Friday! And don't forget to check out my Early Spring Favorites from yesterday...a lot of those picks would be great paired with this jewelry!

Happy Weekend


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