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Coffee Table Books & Styling

I'm not the biggest reader, but I do love me some pretty coffee table books. These are the fun, colorful books with tons of pictures. Right up my alley-- I did always like picture books best ;) Anyways, not only are these books beautiful, they are also great to decorate with. Books are a great way to create height on your shelves. Here are some books around our home for inspiration:

I rounded up a couple of my favorite design books, but decided not to stop there. There are some beautiful and delicious cook books out there, so I put a few of my favorites below. And then for the times I do actually read, I'm sharing a few of my favorites of those as well! 

Designthe inspired room / cut flower garden / the year of cozy / styled by emily henderson /

Cook & Leisure: the weekend cookbook / the newlywed cookbook / chasing slow / cocktail hour 

Hopefully these book suggestions have given you a few new books to add to your collection! Is anyone else as obsessed with pretty coffee table books as I am?! What are some of your favorites?

Here are all the coffee table books I have in my home:

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