Hair Tutorial: Half French Fishtail

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Hair Tutorial: Half French Fishtail

I used to do some hair tutorials when I was in college here on the blog, so it didn't surprise me that I've had a few requests for more of those. Lucky for me, one of my best friends, Chelsea, is a hair stylist (she does my hair here in Michigan! If you're looking for a stylist in West Michigan, let me know and I'll give you her info!), so she was kind enough to come up with a few styles to show you all. Not only was she a bridesmaid in our wedding, but she also did all my other bridesmaids' hair for our big day! You can see them here. My other sweet friend Rachel took all our photos for us.

Today we're showing you this double french fishtail braid:

1. Start with loosely curled hair. Get our best tips to get loose curls like those above HERE.

2. Part hair at your normal part line.

3. Begin a fishtail braid hair at top of forehead. To do this, gather a small section of hair and divide into two sections, as opposed to three sections like you would do for a normal braid.

4. Continue the french fishtail braid by adding hair from only the top side closest to your part, into the braid. A fishtail braid is best described as criss crossing pieces of hair into the two original strands.

5. Continue until you get to the back of your head. Once you can't add anymore hair, continue a traditional fishtail braid halfway down and secure with elastic.

6. Do the above steps to the other side of your head and secure that braid with an elastic as well.

7. Grab both braids and secure elastic where they meet. Take out the other two elastics.

8. To finish it off, wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic so you can't see it anymore. For tips on how to do this and get it to stay all day, check out our last hair tutorial here.


Even if you can't master this fishtail version, you can try this look with even a regular braid or twists!

Let me know if you try this yourself!


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