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May Goals

I can't believe it's May, guys. FINALLY the weather is looking up. It seems like just yesterday I was a shut-in here in our apartment while snow was falling outside our windows. Today I'm really thankful for some sun, although I know we'll get our fair share of showers this month as well. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more peonies, too! :) A new month means new goals, so here we go!

- Soak up some sun in California. PLEASE let there be sun during my trip! Not a lot of sun, unfortunately, but still had a great trip!

- Enjoy the Giants opening day with the family! It was a blast, even though we lost :(

- Celebrate Easter with my family. So excited to see my brother and his wife for Easter. It's been so long since we've been home at the same time. What a fun day we had! So thankful for this.

- Spring Clean our lives: I mean everything! Clean the windows, dusting, sweep the garage, purge my closet, clean out our cars, my purse, the fridge...every.thing. We're still doing this a bit, but we did the main things (windows, floors, closets!) Feels SO good.

- Start nailing down details for our June workshop in Northern Michigan. If you want to learn how to arrange flowers and try your hand at watercolor calligraphy, you should join us! This event is almost filled up, it's going to AMAZING!

- Find a new book to read. I'm thinking The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. Has anyone read it? I'm 5 chapters in and LOVING IT!

- Post my new hair tutorials here on the blog for you. We shot them last're going to love them! Yay! I shared a few tutorials in this post, more will be coming to the blog really soon!

- Do something fun outside with my husband. We were able to take quite a few walks last month, which was a treat!

- Launch my new interior design website and blog revamp! Can't wait for this-- it's long overdue. I think you'll really like the updated look.

- Finish the book I'm reading (The Broken Way)

- Have a blast in Texas with my family next week celebrating my sister in law's graduation from Baylor!

- Take lots of pictures at Magnolia Market to share with you, try something from their new bakery (no matter how long the line is!), and get one souvenir from the shop. Hopefully I can control myself ;) My business partner, Ashley, is also flying in because we just might have a special little meeting with Magnolia. Hopefully we can share more soon!

- Clean out our garage. This sounds so boring, but it really thrills me. I might have a problem ;)

- Try some new recipes on the grill since the weather will be nice.

- Blog some client design projects! This also includes taking final reveal pictures of a client's house that is finished.

- Pray more with my husband.

- Send some friends who live out of state encouraging notes.

- Go on our Memorial Day lake getaway trip with some other couple friends!! Can't wait for a little R&R.

- Stop comparing (looking at you, Instagram). Replace comparison with giving and serving.

What are some of your goals this month?


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