Favorite Posts Over the Past 7 Years of Blogging

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Favorite Posts Over the Past 7 Years of Blogging

I've been working behind the scenes over the past few weeks to get my blog designer everything she needs to create a beautiful, easy to navigate new blog design for MND! I think you're all going to love it a lot. While doing some back-end things to make the navigation easier for you, I came across some of my very favorite blog posts I've written over the past 7 years. I can't believe I've been blogging for 7 years! WHERE has the time gone. I used to think it was hard to come up with post ideas, but the more you blog, the more easily they come to you. Sharing my favorite posts with you was a no brainer after digging them all up, so enjoy them below! (PS. It's okay to laugh at the ones written so many years ago!)

1. Almost No Heat Curls. Back in college, I did this hair tutorial that seriously blew up. This post has been viewed almost half a million times, thanks to Pinterest! Going back to find this post made me want to try it again!

2. Bundle of Hope. Introducing my family's English Cream Golden Retriever to the world!

3. Our Proposal Story. What a fun and sentimental post to look back on!

4. Of course all of our wedding posts! Happiest day of my life!

5. You Can Stand Under my Umbrella. A funny post I wrote while in college in Seattle. I cracked myself up writing this ;) Some of my earlier blog posts were silly and I love looking back on those.

6. Preppy Home Office. My first interior design project revealed on the blog! Still love how this office came out.

7. Shadowing Emily Henderson. Yep, that happened and it was awesome.

8. DIY chevron dresser reveal. I was living in an ugly college house and somehow I drew the short end of the stick and ended up living in the dining room of the home, which was advertised as a bedroom. Awesome ;) I remember being really upset at first, but then design ideas started coming to me. This dresser was one of the first things I did to spruce up the room and make it feel more "me". Though I don't like chevron anymore, it will always hold a special place in my heart!

9. The time I met Mary McDonald. What I apparently didn't write in this blog post was the fact that I actually rode the elevator up with Mary-- just the two of us-- to the event! In the elevator she told me I look like Denise Richards (I get that often) and we chatted for about 50 seconds. It was so fun!

10. The Lace Vase. This was one of my first blog posts to go viral. I think it had somewhere around 100,500 views! Crazy, because it was such a simple DIY!

11. Design Do's and Don'ts from Your Favorite Bloggers. This was a fun one to prepare because we got so much input from my favorite bloggers and designers!

12. Day on the Lake. One of my favorite days with my family ever. So fun and in one of my favorite places in the world!

13. My Story. In this series of 4 posts, I shared bits of my life that led to where I am now.

14. A Story of Grace & Call to Fully Live. This is the story of a traumatic event that happened in my college dorm room + how God performed a miracle in front of my very eyes.

15. Meet Lincoln! Of course, our new puppy's introduction had to be included!

Hope you enjoyed this little blast from the past! If you've been with me for all these years, THANK YOU. I couldn't have continued sharing for so long with my sweet readers. I hope to blog for many more years to come!


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