Finds For Your Home From the Nordstrom Sale

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Finds For Your Home From the Nordstrom Sale

If you have internet access, you know what's happening right now-- it's the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This sale goes until August 7th, but the good deals and best pieces are already flying off the shelves. I can't believe how many things are already sold out! I went to buy a sweater I put in my cart earlier in the day and sure enough, it was gone. Ugh! I sure hope they restock before Friday, which is when public access to the sale opens! For clothing, I think I'm most excited for my new AG Jeans to arrive. I'm also contemplating this adorable sweater with a hoodie.

Yesterday I was scouring the home decor shop of the sale to see if I could suggest any products to my current clients. Of course I found a bunch of awesome finds. Check out my picks below! You can actually click on the image in the collage that you want to check out and it'll take you to that item.

Note: click the item directly on the collage to shop it!

A few stand out items:

- I have that recipe box but in a different color and I love it so much! It's such a cute addition to our kitchen countertop.

- I also have the navy herringbone rug in our kitchen, but ours is in the seaglass / turquoise color. It's so great for a kitchen or dining area, because you can toss it in the washing machine and it comes out looking great! It's also reversible, so if one side gets a nasty stain, you have another chance on the flip side :)

- I'm a big fan of white and blue bedding, so those were my top two bedding choices!

- Is that not the funniest painting of the succulent you've ever seen? I loved it!

- If we could fit a bar cart in our apartment, I'd buy that gold one in a heartbeat. I sent this to a client, so I hope she goes for it!

- The gray and white storage basket is SO perfect. I love the muted, neutral colors. I also love the other more tote-bag-looking basket. I think it'd hold magazines really well to the side of your sofa.

- Looking ahead to fall, that cozy fur blanket will add so much texture to your couch or bed!

- Those are MARBLE coasters rimmed in copper. Two of my favorite things!!

Here are a few more sale items I couldn't fit on the board ;)

Are you looking for any home decor? If so, browse the home section at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale-- I bet you'll find what you're looking for! I couldn't believe how many pages of sale items there were. I think I scouted some of the best stuff for you...Phew!

Let me know what you snag for your house!

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