Meet Lincoln, our Australian Labradoodle!

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Meet Lincoln, our Australian Labradoodle!

Happy Monday, friends! We had a pretty exciting weekend over here, as we picked up the new addition to our little family. You may have already met him over on instagram, but I just had to show you some of my favorite pictures of Lincoln from the past few days. I'm also answering a few questions I've gotten a lot since getting him!

What type of dog is he?
He's an Australian Labradoodle, which is made up of a soft wheaten terrier, lab, poodle and cocker spaniel. This breed was originally started in Australia, hence the name, and were created to breed a non-shedding therapy dog. That's why they have such an adaptable, low-key personality! 

Does he shed?
NOPE! One of the reasons we love this breed so much is because of this very fact! Especially in a small apartment, we couldn't have a dog shedding all over the place!

How big will he get?
He's a medium size labradoodle, so about 30-35lbs. The perfect size for this stage in our life, I think!

His ADORABLE copper name tag is by Jenna Scifres on Etsy!

Hiding out in his bed ;)

Where'd you get Lincoln and how'd you find the breeder? 

A few Saturday's ago I was at a parade in downtown Rockford, MI with a friend. Two adorable puppies and their owners walked by us and I thought to myself that I needed to pet them, but it was so crowded, I couldn't get to them in time. 30 minutes later, they came walking by us again and this time I made sure to get to them! (If you know me, you know I am obsessed with dogs and can't NOT pet them!) Upon meting them I asked the owners 1. what type of dogs these were and 2. where did they get them?! They proceeded to tell me they were breeders! I couldn't believe it. They were the nicest people ever and I could already tell they cared for their dogs SO well. So the next night, after exchanging numbers, we went to visit their home and meet the puppies. At the time they were 6 weeks old and they had 4 boys available. It didn't take much convincing of my husband, as he was pretty in love as soon as he held them!

Our breeders are Bainbridge Labradoodles in Rockford, MI (but Janet will fly a dog anywhere in the US). They're awesome and will be expecting a fall litter if you want to get a little buddy for yourself :) One thing I love about our breeders are how open they are. We were able to visit Lincoln multiple times before we picked him up, can text her with questions whenever we want, and they really start the training process from day 3 of their lives! He is incredibly well mannered and hasn't had any bathroom accidents in our house. #winning She also hosts pool parties in the summer for any past puppies to come get together at her house and play! I love that he'll get to see his brothers and sisters again.

Another sweet name tag for when he gets a little bigger by Jenna Scifres.

Of course we have a rug, a bed and his crate with his blanket, but back behind the crate is his favorite spot to lay ;) Or under the couch!

How's he been doing so far? 

SO GOOD! Because the breeders have already been working with the puppies so much, he's been so easy. He only whined one or two times at night before going to sleep and didn't wake up at all through the night to go potty. So far we've just had to take him out at 6am each morning. I count that as a success! He is also really chill, but loves to play. He naps hard and has the sweetest personality! We're trying to get him socialized by having friends come over and by taking him out a few places.

He already totally understands and responds to his name, is close to being able to sit, and we're training him to ring a bell when he needs to go outside. Yay for a smart puppy!

Lincoln Loves:
- his bacon bone
- sleeping under the couch
- his parents :)
- cheese treats
- napping
- chewing anything! 
- playing outside in the bushes and bark.

Lincoln Doesn't Love:
- wind (it's so funny!!)
- his collar (keeps itching it haha)

Lincoln's Parent's Love:
- his soft ears
- his light eyes (hoping they stay light or go blue!)
- his playful spirit
- all his adorable napping positions

This face is my favorite!!

That's our little guy! I'll do a post about him once a month or so in case anyone is interested in his growth! If you have any questions, just let me know.



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