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New Website Launch!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Good, I hope! We're flying to California today with Lincoln (wish us luck!). I'm hoping it all goes smoothly and he doesn't mind being in his little carrier under the seat ;) Also hoping for some super nice flight attendants who will let us take him out of the carrier for a little bit. 

Today I'm really excited about showing you my new interior design website. The blog obviously got a makeover, but it was actually my website that first got the revamp, which then inspired the blog redesign! Now they flow seamlessly with one another in all the colors used, fonts, etc. 

My friend Lauren, of Elle & Company, designed my website and I just love it! It really does pay off to have a professional design your online home, because they pay close attention to detail, are super skilled at their own craft, have done this many times before, know how to use your website platform way better that yourself, etc. The best thing about having Lauren design my website, though, was that she was coming to it with a fresh set of eyes. I told her my vision and she ran with it. Just like interior design clients do with me, I wanted Lauren to develop my vision into something beautiful and functional. I love how it turned out! I'd love for you to take peek!

A favorite element of the website is my new logo, designed by my other friend Jenny Sanders, of Graceline Art & Illustration. Jenny designed our wedding invitation suite and I have the pillows she created on our sofa! Don't you love when you find someone who gets your style and is a kind creative entrepreneur?! I sure do! I love the flowing, yet simple nature of my logo. The deep eggplant purple color is a perfect accent, since as you know purple is my favorite color. I didn't want to use it overwhelmingly, though!

We included a Process page on the website so that potential clients can see a general outline of how we will work together:

On the About Me page I included a few of my favorite things, so my potential clients can get to know me even better. You can click on the images and be taken to blog posts about those topics! Of course Fixer Upper is in the mix ;)

My favorite page might be my Portfolio. It's always nice to see all your work in one place.

Lots of my favorite client rooms are are in my portfolio. You'll soon be able to click on the room title and visit the blog post where I explain the room and design decisions in depth! I'm really excited to be sharing a recent client project (her entire main floor!) on the blog over the next few weeks. The before and afters are INSANE, in the best way, of course.

I hope you like the new website! And if you happen to poke around it, let me know what you think or if you catch something that's not quite right. I so appreciate your feedback and support!

Have a great week!

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