January + 2017 Goals!

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January + 2017 Goals!

I'm really enjoying sharing my monthly goals with you here! It definitely keeps me more motivated to check things off my list. I thought I'd share my January Goals + some goals for 2017 in general as well! First, I'm looking back to see how I did for December...

 - Get our tree up and decorate our little home. 
- Take our trip to California to spend time with my parent's for Christmas! I can't wait to see my family and do a few fun things with them. We'll probably take my husband to "Christmas in the Park" in San Jose one day, since he's never been there. Always a fun memory! This was SO fun!
- See the new Will Smith movie "Collateral Beauty" This got terrible reviews, so we didn't see it. Instead we saw LA LA Land, which was AMAZING!!
- Get through all of my design consultations before Christmas + check in on my client's progress.
- Bake my grandma's sugar cookie recipe and use my Christmas cookie cutters. This was one of the best parts of the holiday season for me! See the recipe HERE.
- Order our stockings. I'm thinking of these that are on sale! Got 'em! And we went with Monograms.
- Get all the final details together for The Bloom Workshop's 2017 schedule launch. We're almost there!! Almost done...a few weeks away from launch time.
- Make the egg caserole on Christmas morning that my mom always made for us. It's delicious! I'll try to share the recipe here. I made this on New Years Day instead and it was fab! I will blog the recipe shortly!
- Get a wedding album made. Yeah...this didn't happen yet ;) Will move to January!
- Attend the Christmas Eve service at church.
- Continue through the She Reads Truth advent bible study.
- Really try to take a pause and remember what Christmas is truly about. Giving thanks for our Savior's birth. We really tried our best at this, and it was so refreshing.

- Clean our apartment After we took our tree down, we cleaned and it feels SO good.
- Make Chili & cornbread (upon husband's request!)
- Order that wedding album
- Start working on our wedding gallery wall. Thinking of ordering these frames that are on sale!
- Launch our 2017 workshop dates
- Create a tentative editorial calendar for the year!
- Order my planner (I'm thinking of this one!
- Get pictures taken of my client's finished space.
- Hopefully work to get my new website up in the coming months.
- Meet with a CPA...wah wah...
- Wake up every Friday when my husband wakes up (read: early) and spend some time reading together.
- Go on our youth retreat with the high schoolers at our church in late January!
- Work on not complaining about the dreary weather...pray for me! ;)

Here's the thing; I want to be really intentional about living a little differently this year. I don't want to make huge overarching goals that aren't obtainable, so I made a list of things I want less and more of in the coming year.

- less comparison
- more building up
- less phone / screen time
- more face to face time + community
- less TV dinners (not the actual food, but referring to where we eat dinner)
- more dinners gathered around our little table
- less stuff
- more quality
-less judgement; towards myself and others
- more love
- less Facebook, especially before bed
- more cuddles, especially before bed ;)
- less "I'll get to that later"
- more "I'll do it right now"
- less distractions
- more time spent on things that truly matter
- less perfect
- more grace
- less sleeping in (guilty!)
- more waking up early with my sweet husband
- less movies
- more bowling (but seriously, we love to bowl!)
- less fear
- more freedom
- less anxiety
- more prayer
- less self
- more serving
- less lazy
- more gym (haven't worked out since our wedding, until last weekend. Ha!)
- less spending
- more saving
- more relationships
- more phone calls
- more kindness
- more joy
-more Jesus

I think those things wrap up everything I aspire to do in 2017! Practically speaking, I want to leave the Facebook app off my phone forever and ever (no relapses this time, because I've been loving the freedom from this distraction). We have also decided to put our phones away a few times a week so we can have more quality time together. Anyone else get sucked into your phone and forget you have another human being in your house who probably wants to chat sometimes?! ;) I have also decided to meal plan, which will save money and time and hassle. Something I'm really bad at is starting a task, then getting distracted and not finishing it. Or at least not finishing it well. So I'm hoping to work to refine that habit this year. Finally, we're working with a financial advisor this year, that so far has been really empowering. One of my goals is to learn more about money, investments, etc. so I can be an equal partner in our finances.

What are some of your goals? I'd love to hear them!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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PS! This plaid top is restocked-- it sold out so quickly last time it was restocked, so hurry! I'm in an XS and I'm 5'5.

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